Welcome to the family history site of the Clark and Spoden families. We hope you will learn something about your ancestors, about their place in history, and about yourself. Please return often and share what you know and what you’ve learned with your relatives. Read the instructions below and you will find details on how to use the menu.

The Genealogy tab has two pedigree charts. The Clark-Tayman line begins with Muriel Millar Clark as No. 1. The Spoden-Thies line begins with Harold Thies Spoden as No. 1.
The Histories tab directs the user to one ancestral narrative for each of the Clark and Spoden lines. Within these written narratives are hyperlinks to documents and photographs that bring the histories to life.
The Photographs page is an index of all of the photographs featured on the site and the dates and names associated with them. The information in the index also explains how people are related.
The Profiles tab leads to illustrated biographies of several well-documented ancestors. Here is an opportunity to get to know them better.